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The church building has been dedicated to the worship of God and His ministry in and to our community and world. As stewards of this resource, we attempt to manage its use in a manner compatible with the beliefs of the American Baptist Churches and the Church of the Brethren. The building is made available for many uses, which we view as compatible with the mission of church as we understand it. However, because of the unique witness of the church, we believe that our stewardship requires that discretion and judgment control the use and activities permitted.





The church building and its contents are managed overall by the Property Commission.


Applications for the short term use of the church building and equipment shall be made available at the church office. The office will maintain a calendar of events; priority will be given to the programs and groups of the church.


In accordance with the Church Short Term Use Policy, (approval requires two (2) signatures) the Pastor, Moderator, or Property Chair may grant permission for requests for short term use of the building.





The Property Commission shall make appropriate rules for the use of the building. These shall include:


  1. Fund-raising activities are permitted only at the discretion of the Property Commission. No fund-raising activities involving games of chance shall be permitted on the premises.
  2. The use of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances shall NOT be allowed in the church building. The use of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances shall NOT be allowed on the church grounds. Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere on church property.
  3. Each user group using the church shall be responsible for damages and shall be repaired at user’s expense.
  4. User groups must ask permission to use furniture and/or equipment which will be set up by the user group and promptly returned to its original place before leaving.
  5. User groups must ask permission before affixing signs, banners, etc., to the walls or ceiling. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN ANYTHING BE ATTACHED TO THE FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM IN THE BASEMENT.
  6. Each group will ensure that the space they use is orderly and clean when they leave and that all doors and windows are securely locked and alarm system activated. Failure to activate/deactivate the alarm system will cost the user group $50.00 for police response. A security code will be assigned upon approval of request form.
  7. Roaming of adults and children throughout the building will be prohibited. Groups will be responsible to provide such supervision. User groups need to stay only in the area which is assigned to them.
  8. All OUTSIDE doors shall be kept closed at all times.
  9. Each group is expected to pay in accordance of the Church Short Term Use Policy.
  10. Any use of the church kitchen or related equipment will be in accordance with Kitchen Use Policy for each user group.
  11. A Property Commission member may visit gatherings of non-member organizations that use the church.
  12. The user group shall be solely responsible for all persons using the church facilities during the time of use and the user group shall hold and save harmless the church from any claim(s) arising out of use of said premises. Each user group must have liability insurance and agree to furnish a copy of the declaration page upon request.
  13. Failure to abide by these rules shall result in termination of the use of these facilities.


A one hundred dollar ($100.00) damage deposit plus a five dollar ($5.00) key deposit is required and shall be requested from each non-member user group. The payment will be made by check or cash at the church office, when application is approved. If there is no claim for damage and the key is returned, the damage deposit and key deposit will be refunded to the user group.


Groups larger than 150 will not be permitted to use any part of the building except the sanctuary. Use of the sanctuary can only be used for worship, weddings, funerals, or similar activities.








  • Sanctuary                                                      $200.00 per event
         (For Weddings see Wedding Policy)
  • Sound Technician                                          $50.00 per hour
  • Fireplace Room                                             $50.00 per event
  • Fellowship Hall                                               $100.00 per event
  • Kitchen                                                           $50.00 per event
         (See Kitchen Policy)
  • PA System in Fellowship Hall                        $20.00 per event
  • Refundable Damage Deposit (Required)       $100.00
  • Refundable Key Deposit (Required)              $5.00




NOTE: Call the church office (509.662.3681) to get a Request Form







  1.  The Kitchen Use Policy is a supplement to the “Wenatchee Brethren-Baptist Church United Church Short Term Use Policy”.
  2.  A Property Commission member may supervise gatherings of non-member organizations that want to use the kitchen.
  3.  Outside user groups shall schedule kitchen use a minimum of two weeks in advance of their event.
  4.  Outside user groups shall provide their own table service and supplies. There will be no use of dishes, silverware, napkins, tablecloths, etc.
  5.  All user groups shall follow kitchen user rules posted in the kitchen area. User groups are to be responsible for setup and cleanup. Kitchen or dining room items will not be removed from the building.
  6.  Outside user groups will be required to pay a in accordance with the “Church Short Term Use Policy”







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