January/February Issue 2017

I Can’t Wait ‘Til Holy Week!


Those who have young children or grandchildren have probably heard, “I can’t wait ‘til Christmas!” many times over the last few weeks. Most kids get very excited about the coming of Christmas. And maybe you share that excitement. Christmas is a holiday that many people, young and old, wait for with great anticipation.


But Holy Week? I can’t recall anyone ever saying, “I can’t wait ‘til Holy Week!” Many in our secular society don’t even know what Holy Week is, much less look forward to it with anticipation. Even we Christians, who recognize and observe the events of Holy Week, don’t usually get that excited about its arrival.


But why not? For Christians, Holy Week and Easter should be the most important time of the year. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, the day that Jesus made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem. It continues with such important events as Jesus’ cleansing of the temple, his bitter disputes with scribes and Pharisees, the washing of the disciples’ feet, the Last Supper, and Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion. And for us Christians, Jesus’ resurrection from the dead on Easter is the most important event in human history.


Holy Week was the most important time of Jesus’ earthly ministry. His ministry lasted three years, but Matthew devotes 8 of 28 chapters to the events of Holy Week, Mark 6 of 16 chapters, Luke 6 of 24 chapters, and John 9 of 22 chapters. In the Gospel accounts, time seems to slow down during Holy Week as the writers pore over every detail of Jesus’ words and actions.


If the Gospel writers pay so much attention to Holy Week, why doesn’t your preacher!? I always preach a Palm Sunday sermon on Palm Sunday. I always preach an Easter sermon on Easter. At Maundy Thursday Love Feast I always speak about foot washing or the Last Supper. But the other events of Holy Week? I rarely preach on those because…well, it’s not Holy Week! And because we don’t have a Good Friday service, I never seem to preach about the crucifixion. In the seven years I have been pastor of WBBC, I have never preached on any Gospel account of the crucifixion!


That glaring oversight is about to change! And I can’t wait ‘til Holy Week! This year, Holy Week will begin on Sunday, January 8. I will preach on Holy Week passage from then until Easter (April 16). One of the Beatles’ early hits was “Eight Days a Week.” Well in 2017, Holy Week will have Ninety-Eight days. I will preach from the Gospel of Mark, chapters 11-15. I won’t be able to include every last Holy Week passage in Mark. But I will try to give Holy Week the attention it has been lacking. I can’t wait.


Pastor David




Welcome to 2017

Our leadership team for the New Year


Moderator, Gary Shaw

Treasurer/Finance, Linda Vickery

Clerk, Merry Kay Shaw

Assistant Clerk, Barbara Miller

Property Commission, Lael Vickery / Maurice Briggs

Spiritual Nurture Commission, Merry Roy

Community Outreach Commission, Jan White, Irene Morrow

Hospitality Commission, Pam Hannah

Memorial Committee, Merry Kay Shaw, Estelle Accord, Pam Hannah

Nominating Committee, Barbara Miller

Deacon, Leanne Ford

Staff Relations, Gary Shaw, Linda Vickery, Lael Vickery, Barbara Miller, Joseph Roy, Pastor David Morrow, Leanne Ford


We look forward to working with the congregation in developing our goals for 2017. We will be planning an all church retreat.


Thank you for your willingness to serve.


God Bless, Gary Shaw






Well, we really don't quilt the baby quilts, we tie them. We will begin meeting on Wednesday, January 11 at 1:00pm. If you don't like to tie quilts you can cut blocks to be sewn together. We have a good time visiting and getting to know each other. All the baby quilts are given away to new mothers at the hospital that don't have very much. Colleen Michael puts together total layettes for each quilt given away. Hope to see you there!




Remember in Prayer


Our Shut-ins:


Rose Delabarre

Audrey Salmon

Carolyn Storme



January Birthdays


5th         Dick Ogle

13th       Laura Cordell

14th       Merry Roy

18th       Angie Estes

20th       Leo Estes

24th       Jim Taylor

30th       Diane Stober


February Birthdays


2nd              Evelyn Eikenberry

                  Susanna White

4th               Susan Stockwell

10th             Barbara Miller

20th             Mickey White

24th             Jay Stockwell

27th             Warren Eikenberry

28th             Dan White




6th               Dennis & Betty Radke

31st             Don & Barbara Miller




No Anniversaries




Please Note:

There will be NO Adult Bible Study Sunday, December 25.




Attention Deacons:


Deacon Meetings:

NO meeting in January

Tuesday, February 7 at 6:30pm




Taking Down the Greens


On Saturday, January 7, we will be taking down the Christmas decorations and putting them away. Hope to see you there!






Pray for strength
to face the challenges of 2017


2016 in review:


Give thanks for new members!

Six people have become formal members of Wenatchee Brethren Baptist this year. Several others have begun attending our worship services.


Give thanks for new workers!

We began the year with the event called “WBBC Trek” to encourage a new generation of church workers, and we have had new workers in almost every area of church life.


Give thanks for the work of Spiritual Nurture!

(Merry Roy, chair) We have new musicians, new musical instruments, new songs, new soundboard and PowerPoint operators, a new curriculum for children’s Sunday School, and new members in Grace and Growth Groups.


Give thanks for the work of Community Outreach!

(Jan White & Irene Morrow, chairs) We have new chairpersons to lead this work, new and greater participation in Serve Wenatchee Valley and Garden Terrace, and new connections with missionaries we support in Ukraine and Congo.


Give thanks for the work of Hospitality!

(Pam Hannah, chair) We have new workers to help with potlucks, memorial dinners, and after-worship coffees, new ideas (such as the pizza parties), and we had a fantastic church BBQ and Judson Day celebration.


Give thanks for the work of Property & Finance!

(Lael & Linda Vickery) We had many gracious volunteers to help after Jim’s knee surgery. We have new workers, a newly-rebuilt furnace, a new roof for the bell tower, new sidewalks, new spaces for the Food Bank and finance office, a new lawnmower, and two beautifully refinished and redesigned doors.


Give thanks for the work of the Deacons!

(Leanne Ford & Colleen Michael) This year also had its share of sickness, hospitalization, and crises. Several old and faithful members passed away. The deacons faithfully continue their spiritual work of compassion, comfort, encouragement, and welcome.


Give thanks for our Church Officers and Staff!

Give thanks for our Moderator Gary Shaw, Clerk Merry Kay Shaw and Treasurer Linda Vickery, our Administrative Assistant Betty Radke, Custodian Jim Hart, Organist Judi Delabarre, Pianist Diane Stober, and Pastor David Morrow. Pray for all of them as they begin another year of service.



Happy New Year!




Now for the Challenges of 2017!


Based on pledges from our recent stewardship appeal, our expected income for 2017 is $14,500 lower than that of 2016. Our proposed budget includes $4000 in cuts from last year’s budget, but we still forecast a 2017 budget deficit of $18,500.


What should we do? How do we have faith that God will provide, yet be faithful and wise with what God has entrusted to us? This will be our focus and challenge for 2017.


Gary Shaw

Church Moderator






January, 2017


Dear WBBCU Congregation,


Because of you: This young man prevented a murder! He grew up in the terrors of a 13-year civil war. Now he and more than 600 other students, sponsored by generous people like you, are receiving trauma healing and life-transforming training in conflict resolution. Their testimonies bring tears of joy and a celebration of thanks.


Muhitira (pictured) completed a basic, THARS Alternatives to Violence (AVP) training in November 2015. His new problem-solving skills and confidence have helped him in daily life and in some very difficult circumstances.


One dangerous and challenging occasion came at night, in a banana plantation, when he heard familiar voices. His friend, a policeman, and a subordinate were planning the murder of a civil servant named Kona. Muhitira could not ignore the situation:


Before I attended the AVP workshop, I had a very low self-esteem. . . Now I have the feeling that I am capable of making a difference. I have capacity to transform a bitter situation into a better one. Also, learning that there is that of God in every human being has created in me a feeling that nobody deserves death.


On the following day Muhitira arranged a meeting with his policeman friend. In confidence, they discussed what he had overheard. There was danger that the policeman would seek to kill him also. However, they came to a resolution:


He told me that he would not kill Kona. He also begged me to keep the secret. We are still friends.


Burundi's political situation is explosive! The need for healing is urgent. Muhitira begs for more opportunities to help others who fear the violence.



With deepest thanks,


John Braun

Executive Director


You make the difference!

Only $50 changes a life.

$1,000 changes 20 lives.

How many more, like Muhitira, can we sponsor before 2017 ends?


(Please earmark contributions to the Church or send directly to THARS International.)


Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Services (THARS) International,

2217 Honeysett Rd., Wenatchee WA 98801   Ph: 206-920-5671   E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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