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A Christian Understanding of Marriage


Covenant means an agreement or promise between individuals. Marriage is the deepest form of human covenant and is meant to mirror God’s faithful covenant with his people. Marriage is a sacred covenant, intended as a life-long commitment. The wedding ceremony is a public profession of this commitment by the marriage partners to each other, before God and human witnesses. Wedding ceremonies conducted in Wenatchee Brethren Baptist Church will reflect this Christian understanding of the marriage covenant.


Good marriages don’t just happen; they grow and develop when both partners nurture the relationship. This process of nurture begins before the wedding as the couple builds mutual understanding about trust, respect, communication, marriage roles, decision-making, money, sex, values, and faith. Through premarital counseling, the pastor can help the couple identify strengths and challenges in their relationship, and help them begin to build a healthy marriage.


First Things First: Premarital Counseling


As soon as the couple becomes engaged, (even before setting a wedding date) they should contact the pastor and make arrangements for premarital counseling. Counseling usually requires three or more sessions, and usually takes place 3-6 months before the wedding ceremony.

  • If either one of you does not live in town or getting together regularly is a problem, please contact the pastor to make other arrangements for counseling, prior to setting a wedding date.
  • If either of you is previously divorced, the wedding will be performed only if both persons exhibit a mature commitment to deal openly with the reasons that could contribute to the success or failure of another marriage.
  • If the pastor feels that a couple is not ready for marriage, it is possible that the pastor would decline to do the wedding or that the couple would themselves decide they are not ready.


Use of the Building


The church building may be used for wedding ceremonies of church members, family of church members, or non-members who regularly attend Wenatchee Brethren Baptist Church. The building may also be used by members of the other congregations who use our church buildings, and by members of other Church of the Brethren or American Baptist congregations.



Advanced Planning


Please make the following arrangements well ahead of the wedding date:


  • Reserve the date on the church calendar by checking with the Church Administrative Assistant, who will confirm this with the Pastor and Wedding Consultant.
  • Contact the Wedding Consultant (name and phone number provided by the church office). This person is in charge of all the logistics and details of the event as it pertains to the church. She can help with organizational coordination and suggestions for a smooth wedding day.
  • The organist or pianist is not provided by the church. The wedding consultant will contact a possible organist/pianist for you or you can make your own arrangements. This needs to be done early in your planning as musicians are busy during wedding season. Music can be provided by using CD’s but you must bring the CD.
  • The sound technician is scheduled by the wedding consultant and must be someone from the congregation who is familiar with the sound system. He/she is an important part of the ceremony. He/she will operate the microphones, the CD’s, and record your ceremony if you wish. Preludes and postludes can be played from a CD if an organist/pianist is not doing this. Musicians who are using CD’s for accompaniment need to coordinate with the sound technician so the music can be properly cued for the service.


Photography and Video Recording


Wedding pictures should be taken prior to the ceremony so as not to unduly delay the reception. Because the wedding is a worship service, photography and video recording is only permitted from the rear of the sanctuary (no roving photographers please). We also ask that no flash pictures be taken during the service.


The Wedding Ceremony


The pastor and couple work together to plan the ceremony or service of worship as part of the counseling process. The pastor is the over-all consultant during the planning of the ceremony, and is the primary officiant (assisted by the wedding consultant) at both the wedding rehearsal and ceremony. Prior to the rehearsal, the pastor and couple will review and finalize the ceremony details. The pastor reserves the right of final approval of the ceremony. Please bring the marriage license packet to the church office at least two days before rehearsal so that the church secretary has time to type the information on the forms.




The church provides and serves receptions in the Fellowship Hall or the Fireplace Room for the weddings of church members only. Receptions scheduled for Saturday evenings must conclude by 4:30 PM. Special duties such as cutting the cake and serving coffee and punch should be assigned by the bride to friends, relatives, etc. If an outside caterer is used, he/she must work out details with the wedding consultant.


The following items/services will be provided by the church:

  • People who will help setup the reception, maintain supplies during the event, and clean up
  • Tables and chairs
  • Tablecloths
  • Dessert plates, cups, and silverware
  • Silver coffee and tea service which includes creamer and sugar bowl
  • Candleholders
  • Serving spoons, forks, cake server, etc.
  • Punch bowl and ladle


The following items/services are the responsibility of the wedding party:

  • Persons to serve beverages, cake etc.
  • All food including sugar and cream, nuts & mints
  • Beverages (the wedding consultant can provide punch recipes) No alcoholic beverages will be served in the church
  • Floral centerpieces for serving tables
  • Napkins and other paper product
  • Guest book
  • Ice for punch

General Rules for Use of the Building

  1. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside (where there are cans for cigarettes).
  2. Alcohol is not permitted anywhere on the premises.
  3. Please do not throw any rice, confetti, or bird seed. You may use bubbles.
  4. Proper decorum befitting a house of worship is to be maintained at all times. Please cooperate with the pastor and wedding consultant.
  5. Please do not place wet floral arrangements on the piano, organ, or the communion table. Dry arrangements, such as a unity candle or wreath, are permitted on the communion table. Pew decorations may be affixed with tape.
  6. The church has available for your use two wicker floral baskets (4'), wedding banners, audio recording of the service (if you provide the CD), and changing rooms for the wedding party. You may use the nursery to care for small children, but the children must be properly supervised and you must pick up all toys.
  7. The custodian is responsible for setup and general clean up. Your wedding party is responsible for leaving the church facility in good “picked up” condition.


Weddings will not be scheduled the day before or on Thanksgiving the Saturday before the First Sunday of Advent, Christmas or Easter. If a wedding is scheduled during the Christmas season, the church decorations are not to be removed, but additional decorations may be added to existing ones.


Guest Ministers


By prior arrangement with the pastor of this church, a guest minister may assist the pastor at the wedding. The pastor will coordinate the ceremony details, inform the guest minister of his/her responsibilities, and conduct the rehearsal and ceremony. Couples who are not members of this congregation my use the services of another pastor, with the consent of the pastor of the Wenatchee Brethren Baptist Church, but you must use the services of the wedding consultant.


Fees for Weddings


All fees are to be paid to the wedding consultant at or before rehearsal. The wedding consultant will distribute the fees. Make separate checks or bring cash for each person requiring a fee. Arrangements are made directly with the pastor.

  1. Pastor                                                                            Freewill offering
  2. Wedding Consultant                                                      $200.00
  3. Sound technician                                                          $65.00
  4. Use of sanctuary for ceremony                                     $200.00*
  5. Use of fellowship hall for reception (members only)     $200.00*


*Includes $50.00 fee for custodian.


The fees for the organist, pianist, soloist, or any other musical instrument should be negotiated by the couple prior to the rehearsal.


WENATCHEE BRETHREN BAPTIST CHURCH reserves the right to terminate any use agreement if these guidelines aren’t followed or if it is believed that adequate care of the facilities will not be provided.


Approved by Church Board August 19, 2014




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